Intelligent Tips for Capturing Facebook Likes

You’ve setup a Facebook page, you’ve got some custom tabs (hopefully), and you’re ready to start growing your fan base. One of the first questions that’s going to come to mind is how can I get more people to “like” the page. Large brands like Coca-Cola, BMW, and Starbucks have enough brand equity to attract likes naturally, but unfortunately if you’re not a household name the process is going to move a lot slower. The good news is that the more effort you take to actively get your page in front of people the higher chance you’ll have for acquiring likes at a faster rate.

Use Facebook ads when possible.

Investing towards a Facebook ad buget is a surefire way to gain traction quickly. Facebook ad’s are highly targeted and are perhaps the fastest way to get a brand out in front of Facebook users. Use A/B testing to find the ads that yield the best results over a period of time.

For more information check out How to Create More Effective Ad’s in Facebook

Leverage established relationships.

One way to build a Facebook presence quickly is to take real world fans and let them know that you’re active on Facebook. Admins can suggest the page to their contacts by going to edit info at the top of the page and then clicking on the Marketing tab. From there visit Tell your Fans to gather contacts via LinkedIn, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo and Facebook will send them an invite to like your page.

Promote Facebook on and offline.

A more subtle way of making your Facebook page known is to start promoting it across your  site. It’s as easy as copying and pasting a small amount of code to add a Like Box to a site. Consider the option of cross promoting your Facebook page across email marketing activities, within email signatures, on other social networking sites, and in blog posts.

Also take advantage of offline promotion opportunities  such as print marketing campaigns, business cards, and any display advertising space when possible.

Use events, contests, and giveaways.

Facebook events are useful for drawing attention to a page. When Facebook users RSVP for the event there’s a chance they’ll also like your page in the process. Another idea worth thinking about is to throw a contest or a giveaway to entice new users to like your page. It gives visitors a compelling reason to like your page. I recommend using Wildfire for promotions.

It should be assumed that building up a Facebook presence takes time and commitment. By working smart from the beginning you’ll see  results over a shorter period of time.

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