Internet Marketers: Focus on Your Strengths

If you own a business, have a website, or are trying to push a product, idea, or service via the internet than like it or not marketing is part of your job. No matter what official job title you may have, to some degree or another you are a marketer. When it comes to internet marketing specifically there’s a common pitfall that surfaces often, from those of us who are cool and casual in our work, to the most obsessive and diligent, and every conceivable person in between.

It’s the problem of trying to do too much, too quickly, with too little resources.
And then expecting spectacular results.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, limitations and boundaries, things we’re really attracted to and things we’d rather not focus on unless absolutely necessary.

Instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, why not narrow in on what you’re good at and own it thoroughly?

I have a friend who is an analytical type of thinker, great with numbers, and thus enjoys doing all of his own bookkeeping for his business. When it comes to web design though, he’s far beyond clueless. After spending several hours a day for months trying to build a new site, eventually he caved and hired a talented designer who built him a pro looking site from scratch that was up in less than two weeks. With the site out of the way he was able to get back to business as usual and focus on the work he does best. Clearly for my friend it didn’t make sense to hire a bookkeeper, but it was a smart choice to hire a web designer.

What activity or activities are you doing that are best left to someone else?

What activity or activities are you doing that only you should be doing?

Does your company have a blog?
Yes. OK, but are you the one who should be writing?

Do you have a link building strategy?
Yes. OK, but do you know how to execute it?

Do you want to a launch a video series on YouTube?
Yes. OK, but do you have the creative vision?

Do you have a Facebook page?
Not yet. OK, do you know how to best use Facebook from a branding perspective?

What are your weaknesses?

Can they be improved through education, training, or a little bit of experience?

And if so, is it not better to pass it off to the experts?

These are the sometimes tough but necessary questions that I don’t see enough people asking. The alternative is that an overly ambitious team or individual tries to jump into an internet marketing campaign only to later fall flat on their face. It’s not a pretty sight.

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