Is Twitter Worthwhile For Small Business?

I am attending the Smart and Simple conference at the Microsoft campus in Redmond and there was a great session that discussed why Twitter is worthwhile for small businesses.

Helps You Get Found Online

@Ethany, the president of Allysis, discussed that social media helps you reach people that you otherwise couldn’t reach. @chrispirillo, Chris Pirillo, pointed out that tweets have an indefinite lifespan, because it gets indexed by Google.

Help Customers Get To Know You
Ethan Yarbrough said that he is a loyal customer to his mechanic because he has developed a relationship with the person behind the business. Twitter makes business personal so that your customers can get to know you at a deeper dimension.

Social Media is the New Dial Tone

Ethan Yarbrough referred to social media as the new dial tone. People expect you to have a presence on social media, so if you are not there, you are missing an opportunity to connect to customers.

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