John Chow on 8 Different Ways to Make Money with a WordPress Blog

John Chow
, the blogger who makes income online by showing others how to make income online, stopped by the Seattle WordPress Meetup this week to give a presentation on 8 different ways to make money with a WordPress blog.

Set goals from the beginning

John’s initial goal was to make a full time income with part time blogging. He bought the domain name JohnChow.com and decided he wanted to find a way to work for two hours a day and earn $3000 per month. His initial experiment started in 2006.

Not only did he reach that goal, but by the end of 2009 his blog was generating over $500,000 per year in revenue with only a small investment of $1100 per month. The majority of his costs to operate his blog include hosting, an Aweber mailing list, and a monthly subscription with Go To Webinar.

8 different ways to make income from blogging:

1. Contextual advertising

Initially John used Google Ads to make revenue, but eventually moved away from them due to their relatively low payout. It takes a substantial amount of traffic to generate only several hundred dollars per month using Google Ads.

2. Direct advertising

John recommends using direct advertising over Google Ads whenever possible. On his site John offers advertisers many options including banner ads, button ads, RSS text ads, and more.

3. Sell your own product

This can be anything that the blogger wants to sell and can include ebooks, consulting services, and speaking engagements.

4. Sponsored Posts

Write posts that review other peoples products and services. John currently charges $500 for a sponsored post.

5. Sponsored Tweets

Get paid to Tweet using Sponsored Tweets or ad.ly

6. Subscriptions

Offer a paid monthly subscription model for readers who want exclusive or ad free content. The ProBlogger Community business model is a great example.

7. Donations

Ask readers to donate if they enjoy reading the blog.

8. Affiliate Marketing

John makes a bulk of his blogging income through affiliate marketing campaigns. He promotes affiliate opportunities to his email list of over 100,000 and the direct traffic on his site. John stresses that the key to affiliate marketing is to build a relationship and sell the value in the offering. John uses a refined sales process that includes featured blog posts and a personable email marketing campaign to generate a high click through rate for his affiliate offerings.

Final tips for Advice

Always deliver value
Update your blog consistently
Treat your blog like a real business

For more on John chow visit JohnChow.com
Thanks to the Seattle WordPress Meetup for hosting the event!

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