Learning From the Success of Mashable


Mashable.com has become synonymous with social media. The website is a constant presence in Technorati’s top rankings and has become the most dominant social media news outlet on the planet. Tech enthusiasts, digital media nerds, and everyone from social web newbies to seasoned “experts” read it and respect its position. It’s difficult not to. In 5 years time the blog has become nothing less than a powerhouse of information and influence.

The first stop of Mashable’s 2010 Summer Tour was held in my backyard and I jumped at the opportunity to attend. The staff was welcoming and the party was well attended. It’s easy to see that Mashable is at the top of their game. A successful website with 25 million visitors a month doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t happen without reason.

Why is Mashable a hit?

Consistent The site breaks news often and updates on a daily basis.
Articles are well thought out and written by professional bloggers and reviewed by editors.
The website looks great and is ultra user friendly.
Twitter and Facebook guides + a directory of Twitter lists.
There’s something for everyone. One post is an in depth how to resource, the next features a light hearted video, followed by an infographic.
Mashable created Social Media Day, has a job board and an events section.

How can you or I apply this strategy on a smaller scale?

Consistent Do you update your blog on a regular basis or do you go weeks before getting around to it?
Quality I’m guessing you don’t have the luxury of having an editor or a writing staff, however you do have the means to compose meaningful posts and revise them as needed.
Design How does your website look? Are you putting off a much needed redesign?
Free What can you offer at no charge? How about an ebook, a non obligatory consultation, or a free trial of your product?
Relevant Is your content appealing to only a certain segment of your audience? Do you have everyone’s interests covered?
Innovative What can you do to stand out? Are you looking for new ways to connect with others or just relying on safe traditional ones?

The goal here is not to become the next Mashable or to try and compete on that large of scale. The objective is to learn what’s possible from those who have proven to be successful. Maybe you don’t possess the resources to participate in a large conference; however that doesn’t mean you can’t host a local Tweetup or small networking party. Updating a blog multiple times on a daily basis might be difficult or near impossible, but there is little excuse for not being able to consistently update once a week. Mashable is always improving and growing. Big company or small company, large blog or small blog… we should be doing the same.

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