LiquidPlanner Named Seattle Startup of the Year

Alliance of Angels chooses LiquidPlanner as startup Company of the Year GeekWire

Brainchild of Expedia vets and creator of project management tools, LiquidPlanner earned the title of Startup of the Year at Seattle’s Technology Alliance luncheon. As the original benefactor of the recently established “sidecar fund,” LiquidPlanner is in good company, with a perfect track record for the Alliance of Angel’s investment choices.

Western Washington University computer science department faces the ax despite tech worker shortage GeekWire

The last thing Seattle’s tech community needs is the prospect of cutbacks in computer science instruction, but that is the news out of Western Washington University – and it comes as a shock to department chair Geoffrey Matthews. In fact, the computer science major might be phased out, despite the school’s mission to serve the state and the obvious shortage of IT grads to fill the growing demand for skilled recruits.

3Tier, Tracking the World’s Hotspots for Alternative Energy, Names New CEO Xconomy

Craig Husa brings a world of experience as the new leader to replace outgoing CEO and 3Tier Group founder, Kenneth Westrick, who will stay on as chairman. The Seattle company credited with mapping hot prospects for alternative energy has to bounce back from tough times that hit its industry particularly hard.

SEO Tip of the Day: Link Juice Dilution

When estimating the value of an inbound link to your site, one important thing to consider is the number of links on the page that will link to you. If the page where you will get the link has 5 links on it, each individual link passes about 1/5 of the total link juice from that page. If you are getting a link from a page with 100 links on it, you will receive about 1/100th of the link juice from your link. So, typically it is better to get a link from a page with fewer links on it because the link juice is less diluted.

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