Low Cost Social Media Monitoring Platforms Reviewed

Is it time to invest in a social media monitoring platform?

If customers are speaking online about your brand, product, and competition it could be a worthwhile investment. Enterprise level platforms from Radian6, Sysomos, Trendrr, and Visible Technologies are extremely powerful, however can cost anywhere from $500 up to several thousand dollars per month.

Over the past week we tested and compared three of the most affordable social media monitoring platforms.

3 Search terms
1 User login
Unlimited mentions

5 Search terms
1 User login
Unlimited mentions

20 Search terms
1 User login
Unlimited menitons

Usability Was the most difficult to set up and start using. Far from intuitive. Surprisingly user friendly. Easy to add and modify search terms Fairly straightforward. Takes a bit of time to get comfortable with.
Analytics Searches by location, gender, and age groups. Ability to select engagement levels and filter by topic. Can search by location. Ability to export reports to PDF files. Can filter over many different languages and network sizes. Excellent sentiment analytics. Ability to tag searched items and assign tasks. Searches by location. Graphs are easy to read. Can move data to an excel spreadsheet. Identifies the amount of unique authors. Can brand with your own logo.
Platforms Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, News Publications, Real Time Web Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Myspace, Reddit, Digg, Stumlbeupon, Google Buzz, Video, Forums, Pictures Twitter, Facebook, Real Time Web, Video, Google Buzz
Updates Several Hours 15 minutes About once an hour
Price as tested $29.95 per month $49.95 per month $29.99 per month

3rd Place: Beevolve

Beevolve offers a lot of features at an affordable price, however it wasn’t as user friendly or reliable as the other platforms tested. It measures sentiment and tracks social media sites as good as the others, but the user interface isn’t sharp enough for it to be considered a serious option.

2nd Place: uberVu

uberVu was a pleasure to use. Although the priciest of the three, it packs a lot of features. The analytics were straightforward and the graphs were easy to interpret. The data collected was easy to sort through and features such as language translation were a pleasant surprise. This is a serious platform that is worth consideration.

1st Place: Viralheat

After a week of testing, Viralheat emerged as the preferred platform of choice. All of the data is represented clearly and easy to export. The ability to add in a custom logo is a nice addition. It took some initial time to learn how to use Viralheat, however once mastered it was simple to find the information we were looking for. Overall Viralheat offered the most for the dollar and we highly recommend it as a low cost social media monitoring tool.

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