Microsoft Apologizes for Tweet and Twitter Wants To Limit App Development

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Monday March 14, 2011

Microsoft apologizes for Bing Japan earthquake tweet TechFlash

Microsoft’s apologetic follow-up to a hybrid Bing Twitter pledge/promotion in the aftermath of Japan’s devastating quake could be read as sincere regret or damage control. But it clearly demonstrates how quickly the mix of good intentions and marketing maneuvers can sour, especially at the speed of a Tweet.

Twitter tells third-party devs to stop making Twitter client apps ars technica

Twitter’s new stance draws a line in the sand that places independent app developers on the outside as it attempts to reclaim the user experience along with opportunities to monetize the service. But by dismissing third-party app developers, Twitter appears to be belatedly biting the hand that fed into its growth – a cautionary tale that makes building a business on a social platform look a bit like building castles in the sand.

Microsoft presses state to tackle software piracy Seattle Times

A Microsoft proposal is meeting opposition from fellow tech hardware giants and from the retail industry, but it is earning approval in Congress. Microsoft is calling for legislation in the state of Washington that targets pirated software – and seems to have China directly in its sights – as part of a mission it hopes to take across the country, declaring that stolen technology is also stealing American jobs.

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