Mozcon 2011 Recap

In preparation for Mozcon 2012, here is a recap from some of last year’s top Mozcon presentations. You can buy all the videos from last year’s presentations at Seomoz.org/mozcon-videos

Content Strategy: What Works (and What Doesn’t) – Ian Lurie
-Ian is taking a medication that might make him sweat.
-Ian is cursed whenever he comes to Mozcon. He stepped on a hornet nest and ripped a hole in his pants.
-Good content costs money. You can’t outsource content on Elance about superconductors.
-Someone once asked for 10,000 words about superconductors for $250!
-Along came the Internet and content became valuable.
-Good enough isn’t good enough anymore.
-Panda is now ranking content sitewide. Poor content on your site is an anchor.
-Do opportunity gap analysis: look for the easy wins where you can rank quickly.
-Example: if you are #5 and you know you can get to #3 and quintuple your traffic.
-Use an allintitle search shows pages that have that exact title.
-Create a keyword map with: current traffic, ranking, competitor’s rankings.
-Learn to use Excel.
-If news is emerging right now, you want to make sure you capture that. Keyword data is after the fact.
-Create a Google alert, go to manage subscriptions, make it a public page which has a RSS feed, then put these RSS feeds in a folder in Google reader.
-Add n?=75 in Google reader will give you more items.
-Portent has a full time writing staff.
-You’re going to have to go out and find experts. You can’t pay poorly or you will get poor content.
-Recruit freelance writers constantly and score them.
-Become an established curator of content in your niche that you are publishing content in.
-Find 5-10 interesting things and use Timely and it will schedule your next Tweet.
-Create a Google Spreadsheet that automatically takes a tagged feed from Google reader goes into Hootsuite to publish throughout the day.
-You are not building a printing press, you are building a process before the printing press.
-Marketing is hard work.

How to Earn the Links the Lazy Link Builders Buy – Wil Reynolds
-Wil is really sick of being beat by people doing low quality link building.
-Edu’s have a great backlink profile, has great domain age, and links out to great stuff.
-People were using Fivr to get a bunch of low quality links via a .EDU ticketing system.
-Consider sponsorships for university clubs.
-Look at EDUs that list scholarships and create a scholarship for $1000.
-Name the scholarship with your keywords.
-Web 2.0 awards earned very strong links but hasn’t been updated since 2008.
-Reverse engineer a badge program by using Google image search.
-Don’t ask people to Retweet your stuff (especially with DMs).
-Use Exportly and Open Site Explorer to see who follows you but doesn’t link to you.
-Monitor when people Retweet you: that is a perfect time to ask for a link.
-Exportly and Rowfeeder provide a certain amount of data for free.
-Look for people who follow you and rank for your keywords.

Automating + Scaling Keyword Research – Richard Baxter
-Keyword research is not directly tied to revenue (unlike links and content).
-A Google Adwords API can provide keyword volume directly into Excel (using the Adwords API Excel Extension)

Head to Head: Stealing from the Web’s Best – Rand Fishkin and Will Critchlow
-Social shares provide social proof and improve rankings.
-Rand highly recommends Influence by Robert Cialdini.

-The reason people buy is not what you do but why you do it. -Simon Sinek
-Rand’s salary is about $22,000 per year.
-Will wants people to be more edgy with their marketing.
-People will do almost anything on Fivrr for $5.
-When you can get on the ground floor of something (like Google+) there are lots of opportunities.
-You can make an updated version of something really cool from a few years ago.

Photo courtesy of Thos Ballantyne

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