OneBuild Offers Eco-Friendly Modular Apartments

Seattle Tech Roundup for Tuesday, May 3, 2011
In Person: Dale Sperling goes from real estate chief to entrepreneur Seattle Times

With the creation of OneBuild, Seattle property investment tycoon Dale Sperling made a lateral move to pursue his dream of providing housing for eco and budget-minded Echo Boomers. Operating from a new and expanded base, the idea germinated at Unico for factory-built modular construction with downtown convenience is now a full-time pursuit for the would-be retiree.

Amazon Launches Membership-Only Fashion Site Mashable

The debut today of Myhabit.com is Amazon’s entry into bargain couture, borrowing a page from sites like Hautelook and following in the footsteps of other big names online, including Google. Membership, shipping and returns are free to the eRetailer’s new site that promises the chance to get deeply discounted designer fashion.

Microsoft’s retail chain growing to 11 stores, but should there be more? GeekWire

News of an upcoming outlet in Century City, CA leaves Microsoft far from nationwide domination, making its retail ambition look more like a pale Apple imitation. Bringing the count to 11, Microsoft trails far behind its rival’s 300 stores, calling into question the seriousness of the company’s commitment and executive claims.

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