Online Retail Industry On Pace For Quarter Trillion By 2015

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Monday February 28, 2011

Forrester: Online Retail Industry In The US Will Be Worth $279 Billion In 2015 TechCrunch

Forrester Research confirms what intuition and anecdotal evidence already suggest – that online retail sales, here and in Western Europe, are on a steady skyward trajectory. New approaches like group buying and flash sales will fuel online growth in the coming years, with physical storefronts struggling to keep up as consumers find greater selection, access and convenience on the web.

The Seattle area Startup of the Week is … DigitalSignage TechFlash

Seattle’s DigitalSignage believes its smaller size gives the startup an edge in adaptability over bigger competitors like 3M, Cisco and Intel. On the wish list for the young company and its young leader, Nate Nead, are an in-house creative designer and a show of faith from outside investors.

PhotoRocket, Led by Amazon and aQuantive Vet Scott Lipsky, Uncloaks its “Not Another Photo Sharing Service” Xconomy

Launching today, Seattle’s PhotoRocket aims to revolutionize photo sharing with an application rather than website platform that enables easy distribution of images via email, Twitter, Facebook and more. Created by Scott Lipsky with Gary Roshak at the helm, PhotoRocket is taking lessons learned from its predecessors to carve a new niche in a crowded field and take the hassle out of sharing pictures.

Upcoming Seattle Tech Events

Meet the Angels
A panel of angels from the top Seattle angel groups will discuss early stage financing issues and answer questions.
Date: Thursday March 3, 2011
Time: 530 pm
Place: One Union Square Boardroom 600 University Street, First Level, Seattle

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