PopCap Starts New Game Studio and Jott To Shut Down Service

Seattle Tech Roundup for Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PopCap to unleash ‘weirdness’ with 4th & Battery studio GeekWire

A new PopCap Games brainstorming facility aimed at capturing lightning game-design concepts in a bottle rolled out its first title with the debut of Unpleasant Horse. The aptly titled 4th & Battery studio takes the frenzied Warhol Factory model into 21st century mobile game development, and it could signal the start of an IPO drive for the Seattle company.

Online storage company Mozy joins forces with VMware TechFlash

The acquisition of Mozy by Palo Alto-based VMWare forges a powerful new cloud-computing partnership, with EMC the common denominator. EMC is the parent company to Seattle’s Mozy and VMWare is a spin-off, so the merger promises seamless customer service and opportunities for expanded offerings.

Nuance unplugs Jott: Voice-to-text service to end May 3rd GeekWire

The scheduled discontinuation of Jott is less an exit than an absorption of the voice-to-text service into Nuance Communications, the company that has purchased a number of Seattle startups and maintains a sizable staff in Pioneer Square. Jott co-creator John Pollard reports that bigger projects are in the works for the crew.

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