Rand Fishkin Talks Search Versus Social at SMB Seattle

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz, was the speaker for the one year anniversary of Social Media Breakfast Seattle, a great monthly networking event. He shared his thoughts on the relationship of SEO and Social and the recent huge news that Google and Bing have officially stated that they are using signals from social media sources like Twitter and Facebook in their organic rankings.

Key Takeaways:

1. Q&A Sites may not provide significant traffic in relation to amount of work required

2. Invest a little in a lot of things and check your analytics to see what works

3. Trunk.ly is like a search engine for every link you’ve ever tweeted (Trunk.ly looks like it is invite only right now)

4. SEOMoz is not seeing significant sales from Twitter – SEOMoz has not tracked a single sale directly from a social source (not counting first touch attribution).

5. Measure your sales from first touch attribution – you can use Google Analytics to track a sale back to the first visit. It is rare for a person to buy something when they first visit your site – it often takes several visits.

Search Versus Social

Rand discussed why he thinks search is still more effective than social media right now. He pointed out that search is a targeted inquiry at a time of interest whereas social media can be very random or irrelevant to you like a Facebook update showing the Spiderman musical. “The data is not friendly to social media”.

I would point out that search engines are really good at demand fulfillment for people who know what they want, but social media is better at demand generation like recommendations or suggesting things that you don’t know you want yet like tickets to a Spiderman musical.

I highly recommend SEOMoz suite of SEO tools and resources at SEOMoz.org.

Charles Sipe
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