10+ Reasons Why Every Business Should Blog

1. Having a blog helps you create more content on your site, which often leads to more pages showing up in Google search results.

2. Every new blog post is a potential source for inbound links to your site.

3. Blogs give you a platform to speak directly to your customer.

4. Blogs are a place to publish content that solves problems of your buyer persona (the types of people who are likely to buy your product).

5. Blogs allow you to cover a wide range of topics related to your industry, which takes advantage of the long tail effect in Google searches (About 75% of searches are for unpopular phrases).

6. Blogs allow you to create pages that focus on very specific phrases that a potential customer would likely type in. This helps increase traffic from prospects who are looking for something specific that you may provide like “modern interior design in the Seattle area”.

7. Blogs encourage direct feedback from your customers via comments.

8. Blogs encourage you to think deeply about your field and continuously learn so you can write insightful articles.

9. Blogs allow you to give free gifts (in the form of valuable content) which can develop a relationship with the potential customer.

10. Each blog post is a potential landing page for potential customers to learn more about your company.

11. By frequently updating your blog, Google will send its search bots to your site more often. Google often favors sites with constantly updated and fresh content.

12. Blog articles, when written in a casual voice, can show customers that there are real people behind the company and it’s not just a soul-less corporation.

13. Business websites that blog tend to get more traffic to their site. See Study Shows Small Businesses That Blog Get 55% More Website Visitors

14. Blogs tend to attract first time visitors. In a Compendium Blogware survey of 266 companies, 2/3rds reported that over 80% of visitors to their blog were new visitors.

15. Blogs can be subscribed to through email or an RSS feed. This will get potential or existing customers to keep coming back to your site on a regular basis.

16. Unlike other forms of marketing, the distribution of your marketing messages is effectively free. You don’t have to pay for each marketing impression like you do with print, TV, or radio advertisements.

17. Blogs can turn strangers into friends. If a prospect gets value from your blog or gets to know who you are through your writing, they will trust you more.

18. Creating blog posts can be effectively free. You can easily write the content yourself, which makes time the only cost.

Can you share additional reasons why every business should have a blog?

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