Sammamish Startup Helps Artists Create Online Storefronts

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Friday, February 4, 2011

Startup of the Week: Meylah TechFlash

In a field dominated by sites like Etsy, Meylah wants to be a one-stop shop and comprehensive resource for millions of creative types looking to market their wares. Committed to empowering its customers, the recently launched Sammamish company takes its name from a Hindi term for “coming together.”

Why Intel is closing Seattle lab, and what it means for the future

The closing of Intel’s stand-alone Seattle lab reflects a new policy focused on financing university research based in Science and Technology Centers. Stanford University will house the first of these centers, but Seattle’s UW campus is a candidate as well.

Microsoft: Google Worried About Bing eWeek

A San Francisco summit was the latest front in the heated search engine wars, with Google claiming it snared rival Bing in a phony result sting. But Microsoft denies any wrongdoing involving customer data and copied results, suggesting the search giant’s tactics reveal insecurity despite its overwhelming domination.

SEO Tip of the Day – The Difference Between Toolbar PageRank and Actual PageRank

Google provides Page Rank values between 0-10 if you add the Google Toolbar to your browser. However, the Toolbar PageRank is not the same as the actual PageRank that Google uses when it determines search rankings. Google often goes months between updating Toolbar PageRank and the correlation between Toolbar PageRank and actual PageRank has degraded over time. While Toolbar PageRank can provide some clues to how important Google thinks a page is, it is limited in its accuracy and usefulness.

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