Say Hello to the New Version of Klout

Klout, a service that measures influence on the social web, recently made public a new version of their site for the world to see. Available as a beta version late last month, there’s even more to love with the new Klout.com.

Here’s a summary of some of the changes via the Klout Blog:

1. Everyone has Klout: the all-new profile design provides better insight into your Klout score and persona

2. Compare Your Klout: compare your Klout profile to more than 75 million other profiles we’ve scored.

3. Understand Your Klout: our improved analysis shows more relevant topic and influencer data and a clearer view of how your Klout is changing over time. We analyze more than 3 billion relationships and 250 million pieces of content every day to accomplish this!

4. Use Your Klout: your Klout should work for you. We have a brand-new showcase of Perks and you’ll be seeing a lot more in the future.

5. Own Your Klout: your influence should be in your hands. We’re giving you control over the display of your influencers and who you influence, and you can expect even bigger features like these in the near future.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the site has been made over from top to bottom. The Klout orange is still prevalent and everything else pops just a little more. The Klout score is displayed more prominently and charts with data on true reach, amplification, and network influence are now explained in greater detail on the home page.

The comparative feature is quite handy. The ability to cross reference your score and Klout style with that of others is a nice addition. I was able to compare Twitter stats along with Facebook information such as likes per post, unique likers, and comments.

The new list feature is also a welcome addition. Klout users can now create multiple lists that follow up to ten separate profiles. It’s a useful way of keeping tabs on how your network, friends, or competition are doing. Both positive and negative changes over time are mentioned.

The brand new Klout Perks section (currently without any perks) lists exclusive offers available to top influencers. It could turn new users on to Klout once more brands start participating and offers become more widespread.

Impressed with the new site? Keep checking back, Klout has stated that more achievements and other new features will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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