Seattle Area Startup Helps Consumers Set Their Own Price For Products

Seattle Tech Roundup for Friday, June 24, 2011

Startup Spotlight: LootTap helps shoppers find online bargains GeekWire

Alerting consumers in real time to the place to find the products they want at the price they’re willing to pay is the promise and the distinction of LootTap, the boot-strapped brainchild of Trevor Hall. The Seattle area startup born as a software solution to locate contracting jobs is keen on customer feedback, lean in approach and confident in its ability to operate at the highest profit margin.

Former iLike employees singing a new tune with Picadee

A quartet of iLike veterans has a new gig with Picadee, a Seattle startup still in stealth mode, but rehearsing for the spotlight. Supplying Picadee’s seed money are the twin Partovi brothers who founded iLike, a wildly popular Seattle-based online music service eventually acquired by Myspace.

Microsoft sees a role for Kinect in health care CNET

Microsoft believes Kinect could hold the key to help speed the digitization of the monolithic healthcare industry, and the launch of a Windows-based software development kit for the motion-sensing game accessory is just part of that vision. Seattle’s Pacific Healthcare Summit served as the stage to showcase the possibilities for using Kinect to facilitate group therapy with patient avatars or even assist surgeons in the OR.

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