Seattle Companies Work on Electric Car Charging Stations and Oil Creating Algae

Seattle Tech Roundup for Thursday May 12, 2011

Electric car charging stations now open in Puget Sound TechFlash

Downtown Seattle’s Rainier Square boasts the state’s premier electric automobile charging stations, thanks to the city’s own Unico Properties along with the Dept. of Energy and ECOtotality as part of a nationwide push. Next in line for installation of Level II charging stations are Bellevue, Tacoma, and Portland.

Matrix Genetics Pursues the Algae Fuel Dream in the Lab, Not With Big Steel Tanks, Giant Ponds Xconomy

Headed by MIT grad Margaret McCormick and crew and based in the Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle startup Matrix Genetics is the spin-off of Targeted Growth that already boasts patents pending and potential licensing partners in the oil industry. Rising oil prices fueled the shift from crops and the focus on algae-based oil production, while Matrix concentrates on genetics instead of infrastructure as it works to transform an ambitious vision into a viable business.

Bing continues to capture more searches CNET

Bing keeps climbing the search engine ladder, slowly but steadily eroding the foothold of perennial leader, Google. While the search powerhouse still boasts nearly a 2/3 share, Microsoft’s contender claimed around 14% of US searches for April, barely trailing rival Yahoo!.

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