Seattle Company Uses QR Codes To Make Graves Interactive

Seattle Tech Roundup for Thursday April 28, 2011

Learning about the deceased with smartphones in the graveyard Techflash

A smartphone-enabled barcode developed by Seattle’s Quiring Monuments Inc. turns a trip to the cemetery into an interactive experience. Living Headstone grave markers offer improvements over earlier pricey, problem-prone efforts and give visitors access to information plus the opportunity to leave messages.

Gates Foundation Announces Portfolio of Innovative Grants to Develop New Teaching and Learning Tools that Support Teachers and Help Students PR Newswire

A $20M+ education endowment package from the Gates Foundation aims to deliver 21st Century technology, including a comprehensive state standard compliant digital curriculum free to schools across America. Grants will also support the first of its kind Florida Virtual School and an array of game-centered tools, with even more funds for tech-enhanced instruction from the upcoming Next Generation Learning Challenges.

YouTube Founders Acquire Delicious From Yahoo Mashable

The sale of Delicious confirms expectations regarding the retirement of the social networking system from Yahoo’s stable of services. With the acquisition by YouTube creators Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, Delicious becomes part of their new AVOS company, so users can finally look forward to upgrades and attention.

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