Seattle Mobile Billing Startup Lands $6.6 Million in Funding

Seattle Tech Roundup for Tuesday May 17, 2011

Billing Revolution rings up $6.6 million, powers mobile payments for Zynga and others GeekWire

Billing Revolution is cashing in on the evolution of smart phones into shopping centers by collecting a fee from each purchase made via its consumer-friendly, one-click checkout platform. The Seattle startup founded by Andy Kleitsch with Alan Dishlip as CFO just snagged $6.6M in funding and boasts 100 clients, including game industry standout Zynga.

With Facebook’s likes, Bing hopes to become more relevant TechFlash

In its ongoing bid to snatch the search crown from perennial king Google, Bing is harnessing Facebook’s popular “Like” feature to win a bigger user demographic and appeal to businesses with an enhanced marketing effect. Microsoft hopes to capitalize on the powerful friend factor in decision-making, but it will have to overcome reluctance to surrender access to Facebook data.

Amazon’s shift to South Lake Union leaves empty feeling Seattle Times

Former Amazon landlords are feeling their own pain from the move necessitated by the e-retailer’s growing pains, with nearly a million square feet potentially vacant, including its long-time base in the former PacMed Center. Despite the challenges of filling Amazon’s giant shoes, Seattle’s downtown is still a big winner, more than doubling the leased space in Amazon’s new South Lake Union headquarters.

SEO Tip of the Day: Every Page is a Homepage

When customers find your site in search engines they are usually directed to a specific page on your site that is related to the keyword phrase they were looking for. This means that visitors are usually entering your site from many deep pages on your site instead of your homepage. When visitors enter your site through one of these pages, are they able to take action such as purchasing a product or submitting their contact information? Adding a call to action on these pages can help convert more site visitors into customers.

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