Seattle RFID Company Announces IPO

Seattle Tech Roundup for Friday, April 22, 2011

Impinj files for $100 million IPO GeekWire

Impinj follows Zillow’s big news with an IPO plan of its own, but a record of financial losses for both Seattle startups poses a challenge to meeting their ambitious goals. The company helmed by Willian Colleran that last year sold nearly a billion of its Radio Frequency ID tags sees itself as a key player in the interconnected “Internet of Things.”

Microsoft boosts cash compensation for employees cnet

Microsoft’s move from stock to cash awards for its employees may help the company retain its competitive edge as the once coveted shares lose their luster and fresh tech faces find attractive alternatives at places like Facebook. CEO Steve Ballmer outlined the new plan that offers special rewards for workers in R&D and in hotly contested locations, while keeping senior members incentivized with stock compensation.

Urbandipity: A social network to connect people in the real world GeekWire

Urbandipity wants to unplug the wired generation with a free site that actually encourages users to log off, get together and start living. Pals themselves, the self-funded Seattle startup’s founders are counting on word of mouth and the karma that comes with creating a tool for positive change instead of trying to rule the world.

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