Seattle Software Company Helps Buildings Lower Energy Use

Seattle Tech Roundup for Friday, June 17, 2011

Fresh off Rockefeller Center win, Optimum Energy lands $5M

$5M in fresh funds and an infusion of executive talent will help fuel Optimum Energy‘s software-driven energy efficiency mission. Energy savings at Rockefeller Center are a testament to its success, and gaining the Rockefeller Group as a client represents a major victory for the Seattle company and its CEO Matthew Frey.

Startup of the Week: CandidateCheck

Transparency is more than a buzzword to political veteran David Doud, who promises a spin-proof solution to inflated campaign boasts and ebbing voter confidence with the launch of CandidateCheck. Bringing background checks to the political arena seems long overdue, yet the bootstrapped Bellevue-based nonpartisan service appears to have a corner on the market.

Forrester: U.S. Mobile Commerce To Reach $31 Billion By 2016

While swift, steady growth is expected for US mobile commerce in the next 5 years, mobile-based sales remain only a drop in the retail bucket and just a slice of the eCommerce pie. But with websites in the arsenal of growing numbers of storefront sellers and smartphone use on the rise, retailers are more and more likely to take advantage of mobile opportunities to reach customers.

SEO Tip of the Day: Use Keywords that Customers Use

While it sounds obvious, a lot of companies miss this all the time because they don’t put themselves in searcher’s shoes. The name that you give internally to describe something may not be the same name that the average searcher would type into Google. For example, a medical company might call their health supplement a “vitamin-enriched meal supplement”, but customers might be looking for “nutrition shake”. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find which keyword phrases are most common to describe a specific thing.

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