Seattle Startup Aims To Improve Status Reports

Seattle Tech Roundup for Friday March 25, 2011

Thinkfuse raises cash to revolutionize status reports GeekWire

$.5M in contributions from angel investors will help a TechStars alumnus on a mission to synchronize users’ status reports so clients and collaborators can stay on the same page. The founders of Seattle-based Thinkfuse bring solid resumes, but they face a crowded field of contenders like SharePoint and Yammer, not to mention the continued reliance on email.

Startup creates social marketplace for game “mods” VentureBeat

Diehard gamers have a new place to congregate at Olympus Games Gmod marketplace, a one-stop mod shop offering safer and simpler installation. The Seattle company is counting on a demographic that includes 2 out of 3 US homes to use its subscription/ad-based service, but monetizing mods is still a big challenge.

Starbucks adds digital comics, sports, news in cafes TechFlash

Starbucks continues to enhance the digital experience it launched with complimentary Wi-Fi at its chain of cafes. As if the caffeine kick isn’t enough to ensure repeat business, now Starbucks has added exclusive Marvel comics, ESPN scoops and headier news from the Economist on its in-store digital network.

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