Seattle Startup Aims To Leverage Group Buying For Charity

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Group buying with a philanthropic twist Puget Sound Business Journal

Ideal Network puts a charitable spin on an e-commerce concept by tying donations to discount bulk deals. The Seattle startup is counting on philanthropy to sell small businesses on the idea of group buying popularized by Groupon and others.

With Bill Pay Added to e-Bills, Doxo Aims to Boost Digital Billing Digital Transactions

A Seattle company is carving a niche and helping to usher in the paperless revolution with its doxoPAY digital bill payment service, offered free to consumers with a fee for billers. Doxo hopes its user-friendly single password system for bill receipt, storage, retrieval and reminder, will overcome the persistent trust deficit and reliance on paper.

Google claims Microsoft is copying its search results Seattle Times

San Francisco’s Farsight conference was the setting for a flurry of jabs and accusations involving customer data and copycat practices by feuding search rivals Microsoft Bing and Google. Google claims to have caught Microsoft red-handed in a fake-search sting, while defending attacks on its role in spreading spam.

Blogging Tip of the Day – Write for your Buyer Persona

Often business blogs consist mostly of articles that focus on their product or service, but most potential customers are not so much interested in you as what you can do to help improve their lives or solve a problem. Understanding your buyer personas can help you craft blog articles that potential customers are more interested in reading. According to The New Rules of Marketing and PR, a buyer persona is “essentially a representative of a type of buyer that you have identified as having a specific interest in your organization or product or having a market problem that your product or service solves”. Put your self in your buyer persona’s shoes and think of what questions they would ask or what informational articles would they want to read. As a result, potential customers will be more likely to want to read your blog and may subscribe or check back more often.

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