Seattle Startup Allows Users To Vote On Almost Everything

Seattle Tech Roundup for Friday May 6, 2011

Swayable: Rating everything from Justin Bieber hairstyles to high-end vodka GeekWire

Microsoft vet and entrepreneur Lindsey Harper wanted a simpler way of getting fast feedback to settle a shopping decision, and harnessing the power of social network leveraging with Swayable was her solution. Self-funded and steadily growing, the Seattle startup boasts an unlimited niche and the ability to embed and share Swayables virtually anywhere online.

Discovery Bay Games lands $12M to play in space between board and tech TechFlash

$12M in new funding will help Seattle’s Discovery Bay Games take board style play to the next level with the debut of more interactive accessories like its recently launched games for iPad. Named as head of the mobile initiative, Microsoft veteran Clinton Fowler is one of the new faces working to usher in the tech transformation.

Facebook Now Pays Users 10 Cents To Watch Certain Ads

The launch of ads that pay off viewers in credits redeemable for Facebook Deals could be an answer to dismal banner ad performance for the social network site. Averaging a dime per view and featured primarily in games, ads delivered by companies like Sharethrough promise “branded entertainment” instead of “interruptive” marketing messages.

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