Seattle Startup Helps Users Create and Send Custom Postcards

Startup Spotlight: Postcardly brings a high-tech twist to the old-fashioned postcard GeekWire

The debut of Postcardly brings snail mail into the digital age by transforming photos and messages via email into postcards recipients can actually hold onto, with a method so simple it confounded testers. Creators of the self-funded Seattle startup, Paul Hughes and Thomas Marshall await the day that Postcardly service becomes a standard mail app option.

Startup of the Week: Meteor Solutions TechFlash

Offering an answer to advertising in an age of social media and audience attention deficit, Meteor Solutions is on its own meteoric path. The Seattle startup headed by Ben Straley boasts big name clients who rely on tools like Meteor Advertise to create relevant and engaging online campaigns.

Hot deal: Groupon files for highly anticipated IPO Seattle Times

An IPO for Groupon could make CEO Andrew Mason a billionaire while helping to foment an Internet investment bubble and launch a wave of filings just as it spawned an army of daily deal imitators. The SEC filing by the Chicago-based coupon site that turned down billions from Google follows the sensational debut of LinkedIn IPO, while Zynga and Facebook stock offerings loom on the horizon.

SEO Tip of the Day: Ask People What They Would Link To

In a great interview on the Inbound Now show, Rand Fishkin suggests that instead of asking for a link to a resource you created, you should ask people what resource, if created, would they link to. When you create the resource they asked for, they are likely to link to it because they said they would.

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