Seattle Startup Launches Daily Deals for Men

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Thursday March 3, 2011

Dealometry: A deal site for men TechFlash

You won’t find a bikini wax bargain at the brand new Dealometry site, but creator Bob Crimmins hopes to sell you on deals like the ManPack. Concluding that the successful online daily deal model had ignored 50% of the population, the Seattle startup’s founder plans to carve out a sizable niche with discounts geared just for guys.

Feisty Steve Jobs talks up Apple’s ‘post-PC’ iPad 2 Seattle Times

A frailer but confident Steve Jobs declared 2011 “the year of iPad 2” and the ballyhooed successor to the wildly popular original a more seamless and user-friendly “post-PC tablet”. Promising a tablet twice as speedy as its predecessor and a third thinner for the same price, the Apple CEO also guaranteed on-time delivery – so circle March 11 on your calendar.

New Web Startup, Pungle, Uses Ad Revenue to Benefit Global Social Good PRWeb

Seattle startup Pungle.org envisions consumer spending as an engine for social change, driven by its Anvil shopping interface. Pungle’s idealistic founders hope to harness the web to provide essentials like education and clean water where they are needed most by supporting charities like Pencils for Promise through advertising profits.

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