Seattle Startups Helping Hollywood Go Digital

Seattle Tech Roundup for Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seattle Goes Hollywood: Four Startups Aiming to Help Studios, Celebs Embrace the Digital Age Xconomy

A handful of Seattle startups are injecting new life into old Hollywood and bringing the entertainment industry into the digital era, including Screenlife spin-off and movie-promo game maker Exponential Entertainment. Hypershow’s interactive apps promise to enhance the cinema experience, while Hark segued from ringtones to a database of shareable movie and TV clips, and Giant Thinkwell combines hot trends in game titles like Celebrity Baby Jackpot for Facebook.

Microsoft vet Dave Chase sets out to fix the ‘broken’ health care system with Avado GeekWire

Newly launched Avado promises to put the healthcare focus on patients and repair a sick system that could still pay off big for the right solution. Headed back to Seattle, Microsoft vet Dave Chase will have to shake the status quo to usher in a revolution in Patient Relationship Management, but his Avado is already winning partner providers.

TechStars Seattle – What we’ll do different and better this year Seattle 2.0

Looking ahead to the sophomore class of TechStars Seattle, entrepreneur Andy Sack hopes to see seasoned teams along with newbies in the startup mix, plus heightened commitment from all-important mentors. Getting the word out is key to attracting investors and users, so fueling major media buzz for the startup booster program is a must, and not only on Demo Day.

SEO Tip of the Day: Plan for SEO Before a Site Relaunch

When planning a redesign or relaunch of a site, it is usually a good idea to plan for SEO before making the switch. It is usually a lot easier to implement important SEO elements before relaunching such as SEO friendly URLs, good site navigation, and avoiding duplicate content. It can require more time and resources to fix SEO issues after the site has been relaunched.

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