Seattle’s BigDoor Media Helps MLB Gamify Its Website

Seattle Tech Roundup for Tuesday May 10, 2011

BigDoor Media Adds Power-Hitter Client: Seattle Startup Brings Gamification to Major League Baseball’s Website Xconomy

BigDoor Media just scored a big league partner by signing up MLB.com, touting its icons in reward for views on the site will be the newest baseball souvenir. Based in South Lake Union’s Founder’s Co-op and headed by Keith Smith, the company offers game platform software in exchange for a share of the revenue its tools generate for 250-odd clients.

Microsoft is buying Skype for $8.5 billion Seattle Times

Microsoft just bought an $8.5B all-access pass to millions of VoIP users worldwide with the announced acquisition of Skype, the biggest buy yet for the tech giant. Skype CEO Tony Bates will head up the newest Microsoft branch as the company helmed by Steve Ballmer continues its cloud quest and gains a powerful consumer brand.

Why Facebook, social media matter to news sites TechFlash

A Pew Research Center survey confirms what we should have expected – online news is not immune to the influence of social networks. In fact, Facebook trails only search engines as the driving force for traffic to news websites and is the foremost referral source; with the focus shifting to how news is shared, the search factor may be old news anyway.

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