Seattle’s Decide.com Launches Today

Seattle Tech Roundup for Monday, June 20, 2011

Decide unveils predictive shopping service to make sure gadget lovers don’t get burned GeekWire

While giants like Amazon provide shoppers with cost comparisons, Decide offers the distinction of predicting prices and product launches to spare them the pain of getting a gadget right before a big sale or the debut of a second generation, and the Seattle startup believes rivals like Best Buy buyback deals only shed a light on the need for its smart solution. The company once called PriceYeti got a second life with the addition of a couple Farecast vets and their backers.

Skype fires high-ranking execs as Microsoft deal moves ahead

Although Skype is likely to remain in operation even after its $8.5B acquisition by Microsoft, the company reportedly shed a handful of lead executives, perhaps to minimize the payout that would have been required by Skype. FTC approval brings the biggest deal in Microsoft history one step closer to finalization, while current Skype chief Tony Bates is set to preside over its new division at Microsoft.

OverDrive update to boost Amazon’s Kindle library lending TechFlash

Although Seattle Public Library and others have already been in partnership with OverDrive, e-book format compatibility and licensing limits challenged the ability of lenders to meet reader demand. Now the army of Kindle owners can look forward to accessing thousands of titles from thousands of libraries nationwide, thanks to Amazon’s pairing with the e-book distributor.

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