Seattle’s PopCap Rumored For A Billion Dollar Exit

Seattle Tech Roundup for Thursday June 23, 2011

Plants vs Zombies maker PopCap rumored to be acquired by EA ZDNet

Global video game leader EA is reportedly ready to shell out a cool billion for PopCap Games, the Seattle creator of hits like Bejeweled also said to be in Zynga’s sights. A union between the console game titan and a major force in mobile gaming is a game changer itself and part of the playbook for EA, which already gobbled up Playfish.

Former AT&T Wireless, McCaw Cellular veteran lands cash for group messaging startup Ivy GeekWire

Redmond startup IvyCorp boasts a fresh round of funding to pursue its promise to keep companies connected with technology that enables messages to reach their destination via the recipient’s own preferred mode. Recognizing that adoption of digital communication methods is very divided, wireless industry veteran Mary Jesse is offering a multiple channel message delivery solution called IvyTalk.

Apple Bid to Bar Amazon ‘Appstore’ Will ‘Likely’ Be Denied Businessweek

Apple’s claim to the App Store title it spent so heavily to promote is in jeopardy, based on the preliminary opinion of a US District judge who isn’t convinced that Amazon’s use of the term will mislead customers. Insisting the term is generic and asking for a dismissal of the suit, Amazon launched its own Appstore in March, pitting the Seattle e-retailer squarely against the California tech device king.

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