Seattle’s Startup Weekend Aims To Create Permanent Hubs

Seattle Tech Roundup for Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Startup Weekend, Looking to Strengthen Communities for Entrepreneurs, Builds New Startup Foundation in Seven Cities

The success of Startup Weekend has spawned Startup Foundation, with the goal of expansion within a year’s time into 50 cities with programs targeted to each area, and with the support of the Kauffman Foundation. While the original Seattle-based startup accelerator has spread worldwide, its creators felt the entrepreneurial tech community needed a more permanent hub to take advantage of the momentum generated by the Weekend events.

Bob Crimmins starts MoonTango, looks to revolutionize online shopping for women GeekWire

Bob Crimmins isn’t exactly switching teams, but the creator of man-centric Dealometry is ready to cater to the demographic that wields the most online spending power. The Seattle entrepreneur responsible for a slew of startups is fully committed to his latest project, MoonTango, and he is bringing aboard some talented women to help prepare for launch of a site that promises to bring a new dimension to the shopping experience.

Inaugural Seattle Interactive Conference Set for November 2-3, Bringing World-Class Presentations, Networking and Social Events to Downtown Seattle BusinessWire

Seattle Interactive Conference is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and techies who believe Seattle is the perfect place to hold an event that promises a packed schedule and ample networking opportunities. Slated for an inaugural launch in November, the 2-day event showcases Seattle’s tech sector and expects to attract visitors from around the country who will be treated to a Pearl Jam salute, Battle of the Geek Bands, and celebrated speakers.

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