7 Resources for Learning About SEO and Social Media Integration

social seoGoogle and Bing are significantly increasing the role of social media in the user experience of searchers. Instead of getting a simple list of 10 links in search results, we now see tons of recommendations from our friends who have shared content on social media. Additionally, search engines have publicly announced that social signals are being used as a factor to determine search rankings. As a result, search marketers will need to incorporate social media into their strategy to take advantage of the growing opportunities in social + search. The following resources will help you learn more about integrating social and SEO.

Social Signals: This Changes Everything Distilled

Key takeaways: Social media signals provide strong social proof that a webpage is valuable. A lot more people have the ability to share a piece of content on social media compared to the number of people who can link from their own websites.

3 Steps to Using Social Media to Improve Your SEO Search Engine Journal

Key takeaways: Google and Bing have previously stated that they use links shared in social media as a ranking signal. Google may not put a lot of weight on social signals because they can be easily gamed.

Is Social Integration the SEO Future We Want? Seer Interactive

Key takeaway: some niches do not fit well with social media because people are not keen to share their experience, such as medications or cleaning supplies.

The Social Media Marketer’s SEO Checklist SEOMoz

Key takeaways: Make sure your URL shortener uses a 301 redirect so it passes link juice.

21 Types of Social Content to Boost Your SEO Search Engine Journal

Key takeaways: Social shares shows that people liked your content enough to share it. Create a mega-list like the top 100 things to earn more social shares. Create something of value and give it away for free.

Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+ Strategy SEOMoz (video)

Key takeaways: Google Plus profile pages rank highly for searches for people (often higher than other web pages like a blog or Twitter profile). Sites with low social activity and social shares may be seen as less trustworthy to search engines.

Four Steps To Create The Foundation For Social SEO Search Engine Land

Key takeaways: The first step is to conduct a social media audit to determine where you have a social media presence and where you do not.

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  1. Hi Charles, love the way you set this article up. The Key Takeaways is great. I work for Think Big Online (we’re an Australian marketing company) and we spend a lot of time trying to get small businesses to appreciate what social media can do for them…http://www.thinkbigonline.com.au/why-twitter-facebook-and-google-are-must-haves-in-your-seo-arsenal/ …I think you are so right about the OPPORTUNITIES when it comes to social + search. Cheers, Alisa

  2. Thanks for summarizing the key aspects along with their links.I have seen some of these resource links and they are quite helpful and genuine in terms of their credibility of information. With the social media boom, SEO alone cannot create any impact in internet marketing.

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