7 SEO Tips Learned at Seattle Interactive

Seattle Interactive had its inaugural conference this week and the lineup was full of great SEO speakers including Rand Fishkin (@randfish), Duane Forrester (@duaneforrester), Michael King (@ipullrank), and Kent Lewis (@kentjlewis).

Leverage Social Followers for Potential Links
Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz talked about using a tool like Export.ly to export your Twitter followers into Excel and then compare to a list of linking domains exported from a tool like Opensite Explorer to see which of your followers have not linked to you yet. Your followers have already shown an interest in you and are more likely to be willing to link to you.

Rel=Author Can Help Increase CTR
Rand Fishkin also showed how adding the Rel=Author tag will put your profile picture from Google Plus next to search results of articles you write which can make your search result stand out.

Sharing Your Data Can Be Linkworthy Content
Putting data that you might already have into an interesting and visual format can create great content that people will link to.

Stumbleupon Can Help With Retargeting Ads
While Stumbleupon traffic is typically low quality, it can put a cookie on visitors’ browser that triggers impressions from retargeted ads.

Building User Experience Without SEO in Mind is like Building a Car Without An Engine
Michael King from Publicis Modem had a great short presentation during the SEO Panel and discussed how UX and SEO should work together. A great point he made was that SEO only compromises UX when it is retrofitted.

Use Short Paragraphs to Encourage Readers to Read Your Content
Chris Pearson from DIYthemes shared a great tip to make content appear easy to digest. People might not engage with your article if there are large intimidating paragraphs. Shorter paragraphs are often more inviting and can keep readers engaged with your content since unlike a book, people have no investment in your webpage and can easily leave.

Bing Webmaster Tools Can Email You If Juicy Content Is Being Blocked
Duane Forrester from Bing shared breaking news on the latest changes at Bing. One helpful tip is that Bing Webmaster Tools can email you when it detects that content is being blocked that Bing thinks is juicy.

Charles Sipe is the Director of Search at Sparkplug Digital. You can follow him on Twitter at @charlessipe. 

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