Key Takeaways from the SEOMoz Meetup in Philadelphia

Wil Reynolds, one of the most respected SEOs in the country, was the headliner for the first SEOMoz event in Philadelphia at the Search Church. He shared some straightforward advice for doing SEO like a real company and some creative tips.

Here are some takeaways from the event:
-Do real company stuff like events.
-Don’t build a business on a stool with one leg.
-Penguin led to clients asking for higher quality links.
-Sell your ideas to management by talking in terms of potential revenue increase.
-Use Ubersuggest for content ideas.
-Most major online news sites like Businessweek offer paid article placement (“advertisement”).
-Pull data on the people who have commented on your blog.
-Look for followers or competitor followers who have “journalist” or “writer” in their profile bio.
-Search for combinations of interests in FollowerWonk like motorcycle riders who like photography (this sprouted idea for a photography contest).
-Stalk influential people (on the Web) and take them out for coffee.
-Use Xpath to scrape sites.
-There are many useful applications of scraping data from sites like finding out who is not linking to you but should be.
-The Venice update has provided small businesses with a lot of opportunity to rank.
-A scraper can detect any links to your site that have been removed.
-You can scrape everyone that someone mentions on Twitter.
-Check out Link Detective, a scraper tool that Eppie created.
-Time on site doesn’t count the last page the visitor was on (bounce after first page will count as zero time on site).

Note: I didn’t attend the event but luckily the talks were recorded and the videos are available online:
Web Scraping for Code-ophobes (Annie Cushing)
Using Location Data to Inform Content Creation (Ian Howells)
The SEO’s Guide to Scrapting Everything (Eppie Vojt)
KPIs for SEO: Common Pitfalls & Misconceptions (Rachael Gerson)

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Dana Lookadoo

Charles Sipe is the Director of Search at Sparkplug Digital. He enjoys working on link building, creating great content, and always learning new things about online marketing. Twitter: @charlessipe

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