Super Simple Do It Yourself Online Marketing Campaign Checklist

If you know someone who is starting a business and wants to improve their online marketing without spending any money, here are some simple tasks that they can do themselves to start building an online marketing presence.

1. Create a master keyword list in Google Spreadsheet of the important keyword phrases that prospective customers would search for in Google. Find estimated monthly search volume of phrases with Google’s Keyword Tool.

2. Set up a blog.

3. Create a list of potential blog topics that would include keywords from the master list.

4. Make sure that titles of articles include important keyword phrases.

5. Make sure that important keyword phrases are used at least 1-2 times in the blog article.

6. Create an editorial calendar to plan out blog articles into the future.

7. Write useful, interesting, and relevant blog articles.

8. Add links in blog posts to other relevant blog posts using important keywords in the link. Ex. Here are some blog topic ideas

9. Consider interviewing relevant people/companies on the blog (Often individuals will link back to their interview and these links help your Google rankings tremendously).

10. Set up a Facebook Page.

11. Share links to blog articles on your Facebook Page.

12. Set up a Twitter account and start posting interesting, useful, and relevant content.

13. Tweet interesting and relevant articles about once a day.

13. Follow relevant individuals on Twitter.

14. Engage in conversations with people on Twitter (You can use the search feature to find conversations going on about your niche).

15. Set up automatic Tweets of new blog articles with TwitterFeed.com (or tweet them manually).

16. Reach out to relevant/popular blogs and ask them if you can provide a guest post. You might write the guest post ahead of time and then pitch it to a blog, or just pitch a topic. Guest posts have a bio with a link back to your site which is invaluable for SEO.

17. Ask anyone you know if they will link to you.

18. Leave comments on related blogs to build relationships with other bloggers.

19. Set up Google Analytics for your site to track visitors.

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