SMX Advanced Seattle 2012 SEO Presentations, Decks, Speaker Info and More

SMX Advanced in Seattle was a ton of fun, but not everyone can make it so we scoured Slideshare, webshare, document sharing and the works just to try to bring all you marketing guys and gals a recap of the conference.

The dynamic that Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan had on stage was very fluid and entertaining. Its good to see how much Matt enjoys being on stage and entertaining all of our questions for the famous You&A session with standing room only.

When asked with Matt would ever use Bing for a month as a 30-day challenge, he came back with jab to Bing saying “I thought the whole point of a challenge was to avoid bad habits.” Bing continues to be a distant second in search and the joke drew some good laughter from the crowd.

The score is an imperfect mix of presenters’ effectiveness or quality of slides/decks or both. It is score based on a scale of 1 to 100 (with 100 being amazingly great).

Please let us know if there are any errors that need to be fixed. If you are the author/speaker, feel free to reach out to us at info (at) sparkplugdigital.com if you need edits made or have any feedback, we’ll love to hear them.

If you would like to submit your presentation, please let us know as well using the email address above.

Note: We are still working on tracking down all the presentations and slides for the PPC Track and the Hardcore Track…stay tuned and check back at the Complete SMX Advanced Seattle 2012 Presentations, Decks and Scores.


The Periodic Table Of SEO: 2012 Edition
The SEO Periodic Table was first revealed back in 2011, now there is an updated version that contains more Panda, Penguin and Zebra information. There is also a mixture of Google+ magic and all that fun and exciting info about over optimization. If your site is too good or looks too perfect, Google might be out to get you…so please try to strive to be average.

Surviving Personalization with Bing & Google
Google is betting the farm on Google+, everything that we see each and everyday is revolving around being more social. The average geek can’t make it in this world anymore without being at least on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. That’s more social than personalization you might ask, but isn’t it exactly that? Being more social allows the search engines to make better personalized results for your search. “Like it” our ‘Plus it” and you get better recommended results based on your social group, friends and influence.

Authority Building Versus Link Building in a Search Meets Social World
This session takes a deeper dive into Search and Social, beyond the personalization and into the link building and social signals that Google and Bing are becoming more dependent on. The fact is anchor text is losing its value and if you anchor text distribution looks perfect it could be misconstrued as over optimization. Social signals, social mentions and social metrics are gaining traction and quickly become much more authoritative.

For Sessions IV to VII as well as the PPC Track, Hardcore Track and Mobile Track go to The Complete SMX Advanced Seattle 2012 Resource.

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