Social Media Dashboard Comparisons

Have you started using a social media dashboard for your branded social media accounts? If not, it’s worth at least a consideration. Not only will a social media dashboard prove to be useful for keeping accounts organized, it also can save a lot of time and help identify new opportunities within your social networks.

A social media dashboard can come in the form of an online based software service, desktop, or mobile app. For simplicities sake we’ll look at the top four dashboards, all of which are cross platform compatible, come with mobile apps, and are free to use.


CoTweet is one of the most popular social media dashboards on the market. The standard level of CoTweet is unique in that it offers multiple users and is the only free offering to do so. It’s ideal for organizations that want to have team access across multiple accounts. On the downside, the standard edition doesn’t support any network other than Twitter.

  • Online based dashboard
  • Ability to add multiple users for free
  • bit.ly tracking
  • Email notifactions


HootSuite is Sparkplug Digital’s preferred dashboard of choice. The free edition is full of features and the pro version comes in at a very affordable cost of $5.99 per month. HootSuite supports Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Ping.fm, WordPress and MySpace.

  • Online based dashboard
  • Additional users can be added for $10 per month
  • owl.ly tracking
  • Google Analytics capabilities


For being a 100% free service TweetDeck offers a lot of features including message scheduling, deck.ly (a service that lets users send Tweets over 140 characters), and easy picture and video uploading. The desktop version supports Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz, and Tumblr.

  • Desktop based dashboard
  • Can filter out unwanted Tweets
  • bit.ly tracking
  • Easy list management


Seesmic is unique in that it offers both desktop and online based dashboards. It’s an attractive solution due to its ease of use and compatibility across platforms such Ning, SalesForce Chatter, and formspring.me. Seesmic supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, and Foursquare.

  • Desktop and online based dashboard
  • TwitPic integration
  • bit.ly tracking
  • Twitter Trends lists

Each social media dashboard has its selling points and has a different approach to organization. It’s recommended to try each one for at least a couple of days and invest the time to see which one best fits your needs and comfort level.

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