Q&A Sites Are Hot With Stack Overflow Doubling to 16 Million Monthly Visitors

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stack Overflow Steps Up To The Q&A Plate: Growing 131% In 2010, From 7M To Over 16M Uniques TechCrunch

Joel Spolsky, co-founder with Jeff Atwood of Stack Overflow, touts the site’s 100% answer approval rate as the real mark of success. Part of the StackExchange network, the New York based website more than doubled views and users in 2010, heating up the fight for online Q&A domination.

Ignition leads investment in online sports site Korrio Techflash

Youth athletic leagues can add Korrio to the team to automate everything from sign-ups to line-ups using its Playflow service. Strong leadership and solid backing provided in large part by Ignition Partners should help the web startup avoid the fate of an earlier model out of Seattle called Count Me In.

Google’s hiring spree means 6,000 new jobs San Jose Mercury News

The planned addition of 6000 positions in 2011 – both at home and abroad – will be the biggest annual increase for Google, bringing its workforce upwards of 30,000 as it sets its sights beyond search supremacy. The internet giant posted strong profits despite the downturn, fueling confidence for continued growth and follow-ups to Android and Chrome.

SEO Tip of the Day – Licensing Your Content for Links

One way that you can acquire links to your site is by allowing third party sites to republish your articles as long as they link back to you. Using a Creative Commons license tells site owners that you grant permission for third parties to republish your content on their site as long as they give you credit. There can be some risk with this method since their site’s copy of your article can rank higher in search engines than the original article if they have a strong domain authority. However, one way to mitigate this risk is to require that they link back to the original article.

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