Startup Offers to Turn Your Facebook Updates Into Books

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Monday, March 28, 2011

YearlyLeaf turns your Facebook status updates and photos into a coffee table book GeekWire

YearlyLeaf promises to permanently encapsulate the ephemeral by transforming the transitory Facebook experience into something as tangible as your high school yearbook. While bound books are among the more tragic casualties of the digital age and real lives yield to lives lived online, a Seattle startup offers a way to meld both worlds, for about $25 a copy.

Amazon may soon launch film, music locker service CNET

With wind of an Amazon media locker service in the works, the retailer’s quest for the cloud continues, following its recent move to make streaming video available free to Prime subscribers. While Google and Apple are in hot pursuit of their own cloud music services, Amazon awaits licensing on its platform that will let users store and retrieve movies, tunes and books digitally.

Seattle’s Tech Job Crunch: How Long Can the Valley Invaders Poach from Microsoft, Amazon Before the Talent Well Runs Low? Xconomy

The disparity between the number of Washington’s IT grads and projected demand for those grads could leave companies lured to Seattle as an oasis of talent faced with a mirage instead. The rash of startups, relocations and branch office openings in Seattle is creating an open season on qualified recruits, raising the risk that the big players could bolt to escape poachers.

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