Startup Provides Super Fast Internet to Seattle Residents

Seattle Tech Roundup for Friday May 27, 2011

Team of nerds brings 100 Mbps ‘super broadband’ to Seattle

If the broadband race goes to the swift, Seattle has an edge thanks to Spectrum Networks, the company that could help realize Mayor Mike McGinn’s goal of 100 Mbps connectivity in Pioneer Square. Co-founder John van Oppen boasts impressive tech genes from dad Peter, and his already profitable startup promises the same download speed to other lucky Seattlites through CondoInternet.net.

Startup of the Week: ManDeals TechFlash

At ManDeals, the habitual nature of male spending is a major selling point to merchants, but the daily deal site is gaining support from a surprising sector as a place for gals to find the perfect gift that passes the company’s tough “Man Test” standards. Creator Colby Dilling is eager to spread his mission of giving guys what they want far beyond the startup’s Seattle base.

Accelerator’s New Startup, Oncofactor, Seeks to Spark Immune System Fight Against Cancer Xconomy

29 year old Sarrah Warren is almost as raw as the biotech company the new PhD now heads and the science her team is targeting with the help of Seattle’s Accelerator and its CEO Carl Weissman. Going after new biotarget territory in the battle to reinforce cancer patient immunity is what distinguishes Oncofactor from trailblazing Seattle neighbor, Dendreon.

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