Summary of the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is an annual study that looks at how businesses and marketing professionals are using social media. The data used in 41 page report was gathered from more than 3300 people and was compiled by Michael Stelzner on behalf of Social Media Examiner. Half of the businesses surveyed were B2B and half were B2C.

The top questions marketers want answered

1. How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my business?
2. How do I integrate and manage all of my social media marketing activities?
3. What are the best ways to sell with social media?
4. How do I improve customer engagement with social media?
5. How do I master the use of specific social media platforms?
6. How do I effectively find my target audience with social media?
7. What are the best practices in social media marketing?
8. How do I use social media in niche markets?
9. What are the trends in social media marketing?
10. How do I best use my time to maximize my social media activies?

The use of social media

93% of businesses surveyed are using social media for marketing purposes.
90% of businesses say social media is important, while only 2% thought it wasn’t important.
50% of businesses have been active with social media for over a year and 17% are just getting started.

Time commitment for social media

39% of those surveyed spend 1 to 5 hours using social media.
15% spend more than 20 hours per week on social media.

Those who have been active with social media longer tend to spend more time with it as opposed to those who are just starting out. Younger people spend more time on social media than any other age group, especially those between the ages of 20 to 29.

The benefits of social media

88% benefited by increasing their exposure when using social media.
72% increased traffic and blog subscribers.
43% improved sales.
72% of those surveyed who’ve used social media for over three years indicated that it helped close sales.
65% of those who put in 6 hours a week or more found that social media helped improved search engine rankings.


In order of popularity businesses are using Facebook (92%), Twitter (84%), LinkedIn (71%), Blogs (68%), Video (56%), Social bookmarking sites (26%), Forums (24%), Geolocation (17%), Group Buying (6%), and Myspace (6%).

77% of marketers plan on using video more often in 2011

Other stats

28% of marketers are outsourcing social media work (as opposed to 14% in 2010).
71% plan on increasing SEO efforts
64% plan on increasing email marketing

A big thanks to Michael Stelzner and Social Media Examiner for compiling the report.

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