Tech Talent War Brings Invasion of Silicon Valley Companies to Seattle

Seattle Tech Roundup for Thursday June 2, 2011

WSJ report: A wave of Silicon Valley giants arrive on Seattle’s shores GeekWire

The invasion of Silicon Valley web forces on Seattle turf illustrates the intensity of the ongoing tech talent war, and major media voices like the Wall Street Journal are taking notice. While the spotlight on Seattle – and the promise of jobs at new arrivals like Zynga – has to please the local tech sector, it poses a challenge for startups who have to compete for recruits.

Windows 8: A radical change for Windows, and a huge gamble for Microsoft

Windows 8 represents an evolutionary leap that includes a new share icon integrated into the system. With a debut expected next year, the extreme makeover of a major Microsoft moneymaker represents a risky move that could extend the life of the Windows brand or hasten its demise.

Amazon.com rolls out Groupon-like daily deals site TechFlash

Boise, Idaho may seem an unlikely launching point for Amazon’s entry into the daily deal arena, but the e-Retailer has bigger plans for its newest online marketplace. The Seattle stalwart’s investment in coupon king LivingSocial will provide a ready source of deals to fuel AmazonLocal and take on rivals like Groupon.

SEO Tip of the Day: Use Meta Robots Tags Over Robots.txt

When you want to exclude certain pages from your website in search engine results it is typically better to use a Meta Robots tag on pages (meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, follow”) . One disadvantage of Robots.txt is that is prevents pages from being crawled by search engines but they can still be indexed (for example if someone links to it). The Meta Robots tag allows the page to be crawled by search engines but would instruct them to exclude the page from their indicies. A Meta robots (noindex, follow) tag also allows link juice to flow from these pages, so internal links can pass link value to other pages on your site. If pages are blocked with Robots.txt, they can not pass any link value to other pages.

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