The Art of Not Settling

artofnotsettlingAre you settling? You don’t have to answer. You don’t have to say anything. I know if you are. Your customers know if you are. Most importantly, you know if you are.

Are you settling for a mediocre blog with mediocre design and safe topics?

Are you settling for a subpar looking website?

Are you settling for less income then your business should be making?

It’s easy to be average. In fact, as long as you’re not lazy you can be average. If you’re lazy, you can even find easy to use tools and free resources to help you reach average. Average can be acceptable for the time being. If you’re working hard, but you know that your marketing isn’t where it should be just yet, then that’s fine. It’s going to get better. However, it should never be acceptable to be average and say I’m done. It is never alright to throw in the towel. “The website now looks good enough. Let’s not make any changes”. “We are receiving X amount of traffic, that should be enough for us to reach our quarterly goals”. It is unacceptable to settle. When you settle, you eventually lose.

What can we do to take that next step? What can we do to set the bar higher? Keep asking this. Set goals, accomplish them, and then keep going. Are you on the first page of Google? Great. Now get to the top of the first page. Are you on the very top? Great. Now let’s learn to turn the incoming traffic into more customers. There is always something more to achieve. Let’s see how far we can go.

Sparkplug Digital offers solutions to businesses who are serious about not settling. What are some of the challenges that your business is facing? Would love to hear about them. Email: info@sparkplugdigital.com

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