The End of Business as Usual Book Review

When reading the words of Brian Solis it’s rather normal to feel like you’ve just been handed an all access glimpse into the future, not one that’s decades away or substantially out of reach, but rather a tomorrow that appears as if it’s just around the corner. Like many high level social strategists, Solis has a way of putting the here and now into context in a way that the average web consumer can relate to. He’s never complex for the sake of being complex, but to the contrary has a knack for taking on the big picture questions and breaking them down into bite sized pieces. Engage, perhaps Solis’s best known work thus far, was an appropriate precursor to some of the high level concepts presented in The End of Business as Usual. Regular Solis readers are going to feel right at home with this one.

The End of Business as Usual is a book for the over achievers; those who aren’t nearly satisfied with the idea of being taught how to fish, but rather would like to know how the rod is built, what type of bait to use, and how to attract the biggest catch. There are plenty of smart books on the market that teach readers how to set up a Facebook page, or why blogging is important, or why a revolution in journalism is happening, and thankfully The End of Business isn’t one them. Solis spends little time treading in shallow water and instead leaps right into the tough and relevant questions.

What are the trends in behaviors of millennials that businesses should be most aware of?
What does it look like for a brand to be a part of the conversation?
How can organizations use real time data to their advantage?

After reading The End of Business the first time through it felt as if I had just attended several university level classes on digital communications and organizational psychology. There’s a lot of material here that will likely require several reads over to fully grasp. The variety of charts and graphics, along with end of chapter bullet points makes the journey that much more enjoyable. This is a book that demands concentration; it rarely lets readers off the hook and assumes that we’re not only ready, but aslo excited to change the way we approach the fundamentals of business in order to reach a growing connected and digital savvy audience.

The End of Business as Usual is a little dense, but to those who have some pull within their organizations or have been thinking about making some big changes, the topics presented here are worth their weight in gold. If you’re the person who would lose sleep over the notion of being left behind in a rapidly changing digital world, this book will be far from disappointing. If you’re a practical, level headed decision maker and are bit on the fence when it comes to making some fundamental adjustments on how your business operates and communicates, this book makes for an excellent companion and should be required reading.

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