The Just Ask Method

When it comes to online marketing, blogging, and SEO there is always going to be roadblocks and obstacles that are standing between you and your business’s goals. Sometimes these obstacles may appear overwhelming. For example:

No matter what particular obstacle(s) you come across there is bound to be difficult challenges that show up. I’m reminded of the age old saying that anything worth doing doesn’t come easy. Although it may be true to a certain extent,  sometimes we tend to make tasks harder then they need to be. When you’re uncertain or hesitant on how to proceed, I suggest trying the just ask method.

It’s easy

The just ask method is fairly self explanatory. Whenever you want something, just ask for it.

It really is that simple

If you want to guest blog then just ask if you can. Take 3 minutes to type up an email and then click send. Worst case scenario is that you get a no or no response. Best case scenario is that you get a yes and you’ve accomplished what you set out to do and got what you wanted. If you ask enough people and do so with a little thought and sincerity then you’re bound to eventually get a yes. Maybe a yes from someone who you never imagined would even say it.

If you want someone to link back to your site, how about asking them to do so?

If you want more blog comments, how about asking your readers for their thoughts?

If you want people to give you money for your product, how about actually asking them to buy it and making it 100% clear that you are a for profit business and that the customer actually needs what you’re offering?

I’m not a psychologist and I’m far from an expert when it comes to human behavior, but I have a little hunch that a primary reason people aren’t receiving what they want is due to the fact that they aren’t communicating the fact that they actually want it.

If I want more repeat visitors to my website then it’s  probably a good idea to gather contact information and create an email list. Yes my website should look good and yes my content needs to be great and yes and I need to genuinely connect with visitors in a unique way and give them a reason to return, but on top of all that asking for the email address will only help. I guarantee that your visitors won’t go out of their way to contact you and ask to be put on an email list, however they just might give you their email if you have a call to action on your site and request it.

When it doubt use the just ask method.

If you didn’t ask that girl or guy that you had a crush on out to senior prom, then odds are that he or she would end up going with someone else. It would be a shame to loose opportunities just because you didn’t ask for them.

Try it. Consider the benefits. What do you have to loose?

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