The New Customer Service Tool

If your customer just purchased, there is a customer service opportunity.
if you care

If your customer has yet to purchase, there is a customer service opportunity.
if you look for it

If your customer isn’t even your customer, there is a customer service opportunity.
if you look hard for it

If your customer is happy, there is a customer service opportunity.
if you dare to exceed expectations


If your customer is upset, furious, loud and has a lot of friends then you know very well that there is a customer service opportunity. Except it’s no longer just an opportunity, it has also become a vital requirement that you get involved. And FAST.

The opportunities are everywhere.

1-800 help numbers, email, online chat support, and “old fashioned” communication are a few of the tools in the toolbox.

The problem isn’t that the tools no longer work, it’s just that they’ve gotten a little rusty. They still do what they are suppose to, but aren’t always as effective as they use to be.

Within the past year or so a new option has come into play. It’s called Twitter. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a very good owners manual and a lot of people are still scratching their head when it comes to figuring out how to operate it to its full potential. Today brands small and large are still working out the formula. Starbucks appears to be doing well. Comcast appears to get it. There are some other examples, but what about the other 99%? Results range from good to just passable to outright clueless. Nonetheless, we need to stick it out.

Because it’s worth it.

Twitter is a unique platform that allows for opportunities that just aren’t possible with traditional methods. It puts a person behind the brand. It’s communication in a public forum. It says I care and says it loudly in an open forum for all to see.

I have observed very negative tweeters turn into die hard fans all due to the fact that someone somewhere was listening and had the authority, the common sense, and the means to send out 140 or less characters in response.

If used properly, twitter can breed long term customer loyalty.

Don’t get rid of your customer support phone number just yet…

Twitter won’t replace the telephone, but it will change how you approach making customers happy. @AlaskaAir has 3 people on staff who run their account and they do an excellent job at identifying communication opportunities. They can’t respond to every single tweet that mentions @AlaskaAir, but they find ways to still be very active. Twitter hasn’t replaced their traditional outlets, it’s just enhanced the overall customer relations picture and it’s working out quite well for them.

We are still only seeing the mere tip of the iceberg of Twitters customer service potential.

The tool is in place. It’s right in front of us.
Now lets learn how to use it.
Your customers will thank you for it. Maybe even in the form of a tweet.

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