The New Facebook Pages Have Arrived

Today Facebook released its new version of Facebook Pages and although many first impressions are of the skeptical variety, the new Facebook Pages create an incredible opportunity for brands to market themselves. User profiles were overhauled in December and now business pages have taken a similar route. The look and feel is instantly recognizable and coincides with Facebook’s goal of having their platform be familiar throughout.

Brand to brand interaction

One of the most prevalent changes within the new page functionality is the ability for an admin to take control over a page and act just as if it were a personal profile. Pages can “like” other pages and interact via comments. Brands now have the opportunity to communicate directly with one another and post on the wall of any business page.


Similar to the personal profiles, pages now have 5 photos displayed front and center directly below the businesses name and category. This opens up the opportunity for banner ads and clever branding initiatives. Check out 15 examples of users hacking the new Facebook profiles.

New tab specifications

Custom tabs have shifted from the upper portion of the page over to the left side. Admins still have the ability to designate a custom landing page, but how visitors navigate now resembles the already implemented user profiles. Designers and page admins should also take note that the width of all tabs has decreased 520 to 492 pixels. All custom tabs will need to be redesigned before pages are completely switched over on March 10th.

Added ability for admins

Admins now have the ability to comment as themselves or as the brand they represent. This is great for brands that want to have interaction with their fans and put a human element behind their communication activities. Pages with multiple admins will have an easier time organizing activities.


Page admins are now notified when a new user “likes” the business page, adds an update to the wall, or comments on an open thread or photo. In the past it was difficult to receive notifications and admins have to use a third party app to receive notices when fan activity occurred.

This is the strongest revision yet of Facebook pages and both businesses and fans will benefit from the changes.

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