The Now Revolution Book Review

The Now Revolution
is the debut offering from long time social media strategists Jay Baer and Amber Naslund. Baer is a professional consultant and speaker who writes at Convince and Concevert and Naslund is a top strategist at Radian 6 and co-writer over at Brass Tack Thinking. Both authors have earned a reputation of being among the top thinkers in their space and it would be an understatement to say a book has been long overdue.

The Now Revolution is split nearly 50/50 between both authors and it’s impossible to determine who is behind each chapter. Anyone who has followed the blogs of Baer and Naslund know that both writers have a gift for being very personable when appropriate, but also have the ability to talk hard numbers and strategy when needed. The Now Revolution is no exception. It’s a book for those seeking guidance when it comes to developing a brand communications strategy and want easily digestible case studies and how to points. It’s a rare find to come across a book that can talk big picture/enterprise level tactics while stile making the material relevant to even the smallest of businesses.

The book is divided into seven structured topics and doesn’t stumble in trying to be overly ambitious by bombarding the reader with a bunch of fluff material. In the first chapter, Engineering a New Bedrock, the authors place a strong emphasis on culture and why every organization should be investing heavily in its ideals. There’s even a checklist included so readers can conduct a test of their own. In the second chapter, the focus is on hiring and nurturing the talent within the company. Baer and Naslund make a call for the importance of the generalist; the employee who is customer service oriented, can adapt to social media, and has planning and deep communication skills. Later on the need for response time and enhanced levels of communication is highlighted. As participants we should go beyond just listening and be able respond and participate in conversations. The book concludes by discussing key performance indicators in relation to goals, using social media to listen to competitors, and putting it all together through web analytics and customer contact information.

It goes without question that The Now Revolution is one of the stronger reads as of late when it comes to exploring the social web. No matter if the reader is an experienced pro or has just recently placed an emphasis on online communication, The Now Revolution makes for a compelling guide to navigate the new terrain of media and consumer marketing.

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