Top 12 Reasons Why Your Ads Aren’t Showing in Google

There could be several possible reasons why your ads aren’t showing in Google.

  1. Campaign/Ad Group Paused – It’s fundamental but just make sure your account, campaign, and ad group settings are set to the Active setting.
  2. Billing Information Issue – Review your account billing information such as credit card number, expiration date and address to confirm it is correct.
  3. Daily Budget Not Set – Check your campaign daily budgets to make sure it is set above $0. Your ads will not run if you have no dedicated daily budgets.
  4. Keyword Bids Exceed Daily Budget – Your keyword bids may be too high for your daily budget. To fix this, just lower bids and/or increase your daily budget.
  5. Low Search Volume – Google will note low volume keywords within the “Keywords” tab in the interface. If your find that your keywords have a low search volume, use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find related keywords with higher search volume.
  6. Disapproved Ads – When you sign up for email alerts, Google will send you an email if any ad text is disapproved. Login to your AdWords account and click on the Campaign Management tab to find if your ads have been disapproved. Then click on Disapproved Ads under the Analyze Your Ad Performance section. By using this tool you can learn why your ad was disapproved and receive suggestions for improving your ad text.
  7. Disapproved Keywords – Google AdWords does not permit advertising products and websites related to firearms, drugs, cigarettes, pornography, hard alcohol, fireworks, and more.
  8. Negative Keywords – Review your negative keyword list. Make sure that you have not added negative keywords at the campaign or ad group level that make your keywords irrelevant.
  9. Position Preference Is Preventing Ad Serving – If your keyword bids are not set correctly, the position preference tool can stop serving your ads. Bids that are too high or too low for the selected position can cause your ads not to be served.
  10. Patience -Google ad text and keyword approvals can take up to five days. If it has been more than five days, contact a Google rep to see if your keywords and ads have been approved.
  11. Quality Scores – If your landing page has an inferior quality score, it will undoubtedly do terrible when compared to other advertisers. Make sure that your URL structure and content fit the keywords that you are advertising for.
  12. Rinse and Repeat – Now that you know what to look for make sure that you apply these steps to ALL your paid search campaigns whether it is on Adwords, Adcenter or Facebook PPC. The core principles are applicable to most if not all pay-per-click platform.


Photo courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company.

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